Meet Chef Matt Lotz

Owner and Chef Matt Lotz’s passions are experimenting with recipes, cooking, grilling, and entertaining.

Starting at a young age, Matt would learn new recipes and would constantly try different combinations and the right amount of quality ingredients in search of the perfect flavors. Being influenced by people such as Bobby Flay and other famous grilling chefs, Matt began to develop his own style of grilling and now he's putting his knowledge and slkills into his full service catering and concessions business at The Rolling Grill. 


Starting in 2013 with a small grill and a borrowed trailer, Matt began to slowly and methodically build his business based on the simple principles of using quality ingredients, ensuring the food is prepared properly and consistently, and to provide friendly and courteous service. Matt knew that these principles along with hard work would be a winning formula for the customers, his employees, and for the company.

Matt experimented with seemingly hundreds of  combinations of seasonings and spices to develop a dry rub marinade for his choice cuts of beef.  He then developed a slow grilling process over charcoal embers to guarantee that great pit beef flavor you can only get at the Rolling Grill. 

From his backyard barbecue, to his banquet style entrees, and right down to his sides and desserts, everything on the menu is homemade using the freshest ingredients. Whether you are having a small get together with friends and family or hosting a large-scale event, you can rest easy knowing The Rolling Grill team will not disappoint!